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Compliance Program

Maryland Environmental Service views our Environmental Compliance Program as a critical component of our mission. The Environmental Compliance Program includes the following:

  • Employee training on reporting and ethical responsibilities.

  • Audit facilities and projects, implement corrective actions and document improvements in environmental performance.

  • Reporting requirements for spills, regulatory violations and unusual environmental concerns or events.

  • Spill prevention, control and countermeasure plans, site review and emergency procedures.

  • Stormwater pollution prevention, maintenance and site inspections.

  • Documentation, recordkeeping and facility maintenance (i.e., “good housekeeping”).

  • Hazardous waste management and site remediation.

  • Regulatory research and implementation of new environmental requirements and standards.

  • Continual review of processes and procedures to meet and exceed environmental requirements.

  • Conduct outreach to encourage environmental protection awareness amongst staff, vendors, consultants and the public.

  • Monitor permits, participate in public review and work with regulatory agencies to meet new environmental requirements on a case-by-case basis.

  • Conduct Internal Investigations, implement the MES code of conduct, ensure employee accountability and encourage use of the MES Confidential Hotline.

All MES employees are required to adhere to the MES Environmental Compliance Program and MES environmental policies. Employees are informed of the code of conduct requirements for environmental monitoring and reporting and are expected to meet those requirements at all times.

To ensure the effectiveness of our Environmental Compliance Program and to continuously improve upon our environmental policies and practices, MES conducts continual evaluation of our review processes through our internal auditing programs and regulatory review. Through our auditing programs, areas in need of improvement are identified and a record of corrective actions completed is created. In addition, the MES auditing programs encourage staff to work together to review site conditions, permit and regulatory requirements and to maximize the efficiency of the services MES offers.

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