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Environmental Sampling

Maryland Environmental Service samplers travel the State collecting water samples for approximately 180 water and wastewater facilities. We perform groundwater monitoring at 31 wastewater, sludge disposal sites and hazardous material containment sites. We sample over 1000 Monitoring Wells per year.

When needed, we provide specialty monitoring and sampling. We have provided MDE septic system sampling, soil sampling at spray irrigation facilities, absorption trenching system observation and piezometer measurements and stormwater monitoring.

We sample according to National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), the Safe Water Drinking Act (SWDA), Sludge Monitoring requirements and other regulatory monitoring requirements. We develop and conduct all sampling and sampling plans necessary for permit compliance.

To determine stream health, MES employees are certified to perform spring index period sampling per the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Biological Stream Survey (MBSS) protocols.

Once samples are collected, we offer cost-effective lab analysis, data management and reporting.

For more information please contact Beth Wojton.

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