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Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Program

Mission Statement

Maryland Environmental Service (MES) has an aggressive Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Program in place to maximize the business it conducts with MBEs. MES actively encourages minority-owned firms to participate in the MES procurement process. Business opportunities with MES exist in the areas of construction, architecture/engineering, commodities, maintenance and a variety of other services.

MES is firmly committed to the success of the State's MBE Program. Our mission and objectives are to achieve and/or exceed the State of Maryland's established goal for the total procurement contract dollars to certified minority business enterprises. In doing so, MES will:

  • Maximize contracting opportunities to minority businesses in all procurements of construction, commodity, maintenance, architect/engineering, and services.
  • Enforce MBE compliance policies and procedures for prime contractors and minority subcontractors who are doing business with MES.

All potential contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, vendors, and consultants doing business with MES must comply with the State of Maryland's MBE law. Compliance with applicable laws is monitored by the MBE Liaison and MBE Compliance Officer.

To Become A Certified Minority-Owned Business

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) administers the State of Maryland’s MBE certification program. There are specific eligibility criteria for certification to assure that only bonafide MBEs participate in the program. For additional information on MBE applications and certification, please call 410-865-1269 or 800-544-6056 or visit the MDOT MBE website.

Identifying Certified Minority-Owned Businesses

Contractors requiring assistance in locating certified MBEs are encouraged to obtain a certified MBE Directory. The Directory is a free publication and contains information about currently certified MBEs. The State of Maryland, Minority Business Enterprise Directory is available to contractors at:

Maryland Department of Transportation, Fair Practice Division
P.O. Box 8755, BWI Airport
Baltimore, MD 21240

Contractors may also contact the Department of Transportation by phone at 410-865-1269 or 800-544-6056.

Contractors can also view and sort the MBE Directory online.

Contact the Maryland Environmental Service MBE Program:

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