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Single Stream Recycling Systems

Central Acceptance Facility single stream recyclingMaryland Environmental Service can design, purchase, construct and operate single stream recycling systems.

MES has operated the Central Acceptance Facility (CAF) in Cockeysville since 1990. The facility serves the needs of Baltimore County residents in the areas of solid waste transfer and recovery and provides a convenient drop-off center for general solid waste and recycled materials.

In FY2012, 35,183 tons of single stream recyclables were transferred through the CAF to a processing facility in Elkridge Maryland. On behalf of Baltimore County, MES is installing a new Single Stream Recyclables Processing System at the CAF. The single stream equipment is manufactured by Bollegraaf Technologies, a world leader in single stream technology. This system is designed to receive a single stream of mixed fiber/container recyclables from municipal haulers and processing these recyclables into marketable commodities, such as cardboard, mixed paper, metals and plastics.

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