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Renewable Energy Overview

The 2009 Legislative Session launched Maryland Environmental Service on a new mission to assist the State of Maryland in planning, designing, and building renewable energy projects, improving energy efficiency and conservation, and maximizing the State’s energy resources.

MES, with its ability to engage in public/private partnerships, provides counties, municipalities and other State agencies with the ability to create sustainable, cost-effective and innovative “green” solutions to energy problems. MES analyzes each project to determine the most suitable technology and work with clients from project conception through commissioning.

Our Renewable Energy team offers:

  • MES Energy Consulting, including project planning, feasibility studies and project management services for renewable energy projects (e.g., biomass, wind, solar, geothermal and on-site, distributed energy resources)

  • Energy Audits for greater efficiency and conservation of energy

  • Landfill Gas Capture and Control and opportunities for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) projects

For more information please contact Beth Wojton.

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