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Mobile Grinding Service

For municipalities and counties with a minimum of 50 tons of acceptable wood waste, Maryland Environmental Service has two mobile grinders to provide cost-efficient grinding of brush, leaves and trees. Our units can serve customers in Maryland, Delaware, southern Pennsylvania and northern Virginia and turn community yard waste into quality mulch.

We provide the grinder and an operator. Customers remove the processed material. The mobile unit will process up to 70 tons an hour and is available eight hours daily, Monday through Friday.

The equipment can grind:

  • Homeowner yard waste
  • Pallets
  • Brush
  • Leaves
  • Christmas trees
  • Trees, tree stumps and limbs up to 45 inches diameter
    and unlimited length

It can’t grind:

  • Oversized stumps, logs, or timbers
  • Construction or demolition debris
  • Plastic, glass, masonry, or stone
  • Toxic, explosive, or flammable material
  • Tires

For more information about mobile grinding please contact Beth Wojton.

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