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Biosolids Management

Biosolids are the nutrient-rich, organic solids produced from the treatment of domestic wastewater. This organic solid material has undergone the required additional treatment to kill pathogens before it is recycled onto the land. After treatment to meet the appropriate U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Maryland State standards, biosolids can be recycled onto farmland and other locations, such as mine reclamation sites, to be used as a fertilizer and soil amendment. Biosolids are rich in such nutrients as nitrogen and phosphorus and contain other micronutrients for plant growth.

Maryland Environmental Service Biosolid Management services include:

  • Operational support and oversight services for wastewater plants

  • Regulatory permitting assistance

  • Compliance monitoring and reporting

  • Long-term capital projects planning

  • Preparing Biosolids Management Plans and evaluation of solids handling, treatment and end-use options

One unique MES biosolids project is a third-party, independent land application compliance inspection program that we conduct on behalf of the DC Water’s Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant and several of the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission’s (WSSC) wastewater treatment plants. Our trained inspection staff ensures compliance with State and Federal regulations every day at each site where the material is being applied from Blue Plains and WSSC’s facilities. This inspection program emphasizes daily compliance inspections, recordkeeping/database management and public outreach tasks for DC Water and WSSC.

To learn more about biosolids reuse practices please visit these websites:
EPA’s Biosolids Website
National Biosolids Partnership
Mid-Atlantic Biosolids Association

For more information about MES Biosolids Management Services please contact Beth Wojton.

biosolids management

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