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Water/Wastewater Engineering

water wastewater engineering
Maryland Environmental Service employs a robust staff of engineers to provide project management and related engineering services to private clients and local, state and federal government entities.

MES utilizes its own engineering staff and has in place an engineering short list. The short list consists of a number of pre-qualified engineering firms. Between our in-house staff and the engineers on our short list, we are able to respond quickly to whatever needs our clients may have. The work involves capital improvement projects at water and wastewater treatment facilities, water distribution systems and sewage collection systems.

Our water/wastewater engineering services consist of:

  • Trouble-shooting and investigation of operation problems

  • Infrastructure assessment of systems with focus on inflow/infiltration problems

  • Storm water pollution prevention plan preparation and mitigation

  • Design of small on-site sewage disposal systems

  • Well and potable water treatment installation

  • Construction management and inspection services

MES also helps clients manage engineering design and construction of capital improvement projects or other public works projects. Our engineers can determine your water and wastewater needs, assist you in selecting the right size facility and the right technology and equipment, prepare specifications and oversee the construction of your new plant.

water wastewater engineering

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