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Maryland Environmental Services helps communities ensure the long life of their water tank and quality water within the tank. Our water tank expert offers a three-phase program to address the individual needs of our clients. Some customers use our complete package and some choose only those elements that best suit their needs.

MES Tank Service Package

Phase One-Survey

A pre-specification inspection is conducted to determine the extent of corrosion, and the condition of the existing paint coating and lining systems. The results are discussed and an action plan established based upon survey findings.

Phase Two-Specification Preparation

We will prepare a project specification, the bidders list, send out the specification and also evaluate the responses.

Phase Three-Construction

We provide on-site quality assurance inspections of the contractor’s work to verify and ensure compliance with the specifications. The owner is provided with complete and concise daily inspection reports and photographs of work completed.

Available MES Tank Services include: video ray

  • Existing tank evaluations, reports and reconditioning specifications

  • Underwater dive and robotic inspections with VideoRay (remote operated vehicle)

  • Paint failure analysis

  • Lead paint & hazardous material testing

  • Disinfection and chlorination

  • VOC, bacteria & water quality testing

  • Inspection and quality assurance of repair, cleaning and painting operations

  • New tank design, bidding and construction management

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