Project ID: 1-19-2-20-5
Project Location: Charlotte Hall Veteran's Home Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Saint Mary's County, Maryland

Project Scope

The Maryland Environmental Service is soliciting competitive sealed bids from qualified Contractors to provide all work required to successfully complete the Charlotte Hall Veteran’s Home Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade as per all work required by the Contract Documents, including furnishing all materials, equipment, supplies, and providing all construction plant, equipment and tools, and performing all necessary labor and supervision. The work under this Contract consists of the following general tasks:

1. Removal and Replacement of Granular Material in RIB No. 1.

2. Remove Biolac Basin.

Pre-Bid Conference and Site Visit

A Pre-Bid Conference meeting has been scheduled for Friday, December 28, 2018 at 11:00 AM within the confines of the Charlotte Hall Veterans Home WWTP in St. Mary’s County, 29449 Charlotte Hall Road, Charlotte Hall, MD 20622 (D wing multipurpose room).


No. 1 Issued on January 2, 2019

No. 2 Issued on January 9, 2019

No. 3 Issued on January 11, 2019

No. 4 Issued on January 18, 2019