MES can design and develop systems customized to our partners’ needs.

Our team of application developers has provided design, development, and implementation of software applications for mobile, office, and web-based deployment.

Services include:

  • WEB and desktop application development
  • Software integration
  • Database design
  • Training and support
  • Data conversion
  • Systems integration

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Featured Project: Watershed Resources Registry (WRR)
The Watershed Resources Registry (WRR) was created to streamline information collection and preparation for permit processes, achieve program integration between Clean Water Act Sections 316, 401, etc., prioritize watershed needs, and help stakeholders use limited resources to achieve multiple environmental goals and outcomes. Currently, there are 8 different types of Restoration and Preservation GIS-based data layers that were created to target Stormwater, Wetland, Upland, and Riparian Mitigation opportunities.