Our team of licensed and certified personnel operates hundreds of private, municipal, and county water and wastewater plants, plus State-owned plants at correctional facilities, health facilities, rest areas, and State parks.

Our employees know the requirements necessary to guarantee a safe water supply and keep wastewater discharges in compliance with federal and state regulations. Support services are also available to care for your water and wastewater systems from top to bottom. Our partners also benefit from access to resources and personnel that support a project from day one. Our mechanical and electrical maintenance staff is on call to respond to emergencies or manage contractors as needed to complete repairs or rehabilitation of equipment.

Fuel Tank Cleaning

MES will remove sludge, water, and sediments that naturally accumulate in fuel tanks. Diesel fuel that sits over a period of time can deteriorate the lining of tanks. Sludge and water can accumulate on the bottom of a tank. Bacteria and fungus will grow in the fuel itself, which will clog filters. MES fuel tank cleaning service will eliminate these potential problems.

Standby Power Systems

We can install, diagnose, and repair emergency generators. We perform preventative maintenance to keep your generator ready for emergency power outages. If you need a generator, we can arrange a rental which will ensure that your facility will not be without power.

Water Tank Services

MES helps communities ensure the long life of their water tank and quality water within the tank. We offer a three-phase program – Survey, Specification Preparation, and Construction – to address the individual needs of our clients. Some customers use our complete package and some choose only those elements that best suit their needs.

For more information, please contact Jason Gillespie.