MES has Maryland Forest Conservation Act Qualified Forest Professionals who can perform field surveys and associated documentation required to comply with State of Maryland regulations.

Forest conservation services include:

  • Habitat assessments
  • Forest Stand Delineation Plan
  • Forest Conservation Plan
  • Forestation agreements
  • Mitigation planning
  • Forest Stewardship Plans
  • Forest Management Plans
  • Chesapeake Bay Critical Area mitigation requirements
  • Forest Conservation Act coordination
  • Regulatory coordination

For more information, please contact Tammy Banta.

Featured Project: Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Port Administration Tree Planting at Hawkins Point Dredged Material Containment Facility
Implemented for Critical Area mitigation, the project at Hawkins Point involved the planting of 3,161 trees. Services on this project include managing the tree planting contract, conducting tree survivability monitoring and invasive species control, and maintaining the mitigation banking database.