Our outdoor education programs are aimed to inspire people with a sense of excitement and environmental stewardship for the natural resources around them. Field trips are available at Poplar Island, Hart-Miller Island, and Masonville. If your family, company, school, or class would like more information for one of the many tours available, please choose a tour below and register today!

IMPORTANT MASONVILLE VISITOR INFORMATION: A pair of Bald Eagles are nesting at Masonville Cove for the first time since restoration efforts began. MDOT MPA, MES, USFWS, and Living Classrooms Foundation are collaborating to minimize disturbance to these birds, which are likely a young pair undergoing their first nesting attempt. Effective immediately, access to Masonville Cove is limited to a small area directly behind the Education Center during the 2019 breeding season.

We anticipate that access will gradually be increased towards the end of the breeding season (approximately mid-May), and will be fully reinstated after the young eagles fledge (approximately late May). Onsite activities are also being limited or suspended during this time period, and onsite staff will be monitoring the eagles' behavior during the few activities which occur near the nest to assess any need for additional restrictions.

Much of Masonville Cove, including most of the waterfowl, can still be observed from the limited areas of access. We invite you to come enjoy the cove and to view the eagle nest from the Education Center balcony.

IMPORTANT COX CREEK TOUR INFORMATION: Starting immediately, public access to the Cox Creek Dredged Material Containment Facility and Swan Creek Wetlands are strictly prohibited, due to the start of construction of the Cox Creek expansion project. This restriction is being put in place for your safety and well-being as heavy equipment will be mobilizing on the site during normal operating hours, Monday - Friday. Construction and elevation of the dikes is expected to last until 2025, based on the current schedule. However, we are working to identify alternative access options to the wetlands area during the construction period and will keep you informed when the area becomes accessible to the public. In the meantime, we hope you will consider visiting one of our other local sites, like Masonville Cove.

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