Due to mostly natural processes, many waterways experience sediment buildup. Dredging keeps shipping channels and lakes open for their intended purposes.

MES has over 30 years of experience in engineering, construction, environmental management, and facility operations and maintenance related to dredging and dredged material containment facilities. These facilities become more than an environmentally safe location for dredged material; MES, on behalf of our clients, transforms these sites into wildlife habitats, natural recreation areas, and environmental education centers for Maryland citizens.

Planning and permitting services include:

  • Feasibility Study Report development
  • Environmental Site Assessments – Phase I and II
  • Subcontracted studies (environmental, geotechnical, coastal)
  • NEPA documentation
  • Permit application, review, compliance
  • Regulatory and resource agency coordination and compliance
  • Committee and working group coordination
  • Project planning
  • Mitigation planning
  • Remediation planning and implementation

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Featured Project: Maryland Department of Transportation
Maryland Port Administration Cox Creek Dredged Material Containment Facility
MES operates this DMCF in Anne Arundel County, MD, which is adjacent to an 18-acre mitigation wetland and 115-acre conservation easement area. This DMCF is one of only two locations for the placement of sediment dredged from Baltimore Harbor. MES supported the client through subcontracted studies, expansion planning, regulatory and resource agency coordination, federal and state permit review, erosion and sediment control permitting, and continued project planning throughout the site’s lifespan.